WCD Award Winners


The WCD sought to find a way to reward its members for upholding the Spirit of Cowboy Dressage and those living the Cowboy Code.

To honor these outstanding members the WCD created the following Awards:

  • Try Award – Awarded to a member that has pursued their goals of improving their horsemanship. Regardless of set backs and all of the obstacles life throws in ones way, the recipient continued on with perseverance.
  • Soft Feel Award- Awarded to a member that show cased the sensitivity to the horses well being by listening to and rewarded the horse for trying. The recipient clearly was riding to better the horse’s experience in and out of the Court.
  • Camaraderie Award - Awarded to a member who fosters support, mutual trust and friendship among their fellow members. The recipient is a champion of sportsmanship both in and out of the court and lives by the Cowboy Code.
  • Outstanding Volunteer Award – Awarded to a member that has gone above and beyond in an effort to support the WCD with their time and talent.

Nominations for these awards can be made by any WCD member.  It is helpful to include a written statement of why you would like to acknowledge your fellow member for an award.  Awards are giving out at the annual meeting each November.

2017 Try Award Winners -

  Dick Meseberg and Rachel Bolender -  WCD 2017 TRY Award Nominations.