Versatility Award Program

WCD members

are rewarded for versatility.

Set your Goals and be Rewarded for Trying!

This award program is based on participation and encouraging members to try new things.

The WCD Versatility Award (VA) is free to all members and offers them the ability to set their own goals and be rewarded for hitting milestones within a point system. Move at your own pace as your points accumulate for as long as you are a member.  Join your fellow members and celebrate all that you have accomplished in the year at our Annual Meeting held each November.

Members earn points through participation in Cowboy Dressage™ and competitive Open horse (All Breed) classes, clinics, ranch, trail events along with being able to earn points by volunteering their time at WCD events.  Points are earned and rewarded based on a minimum of one Cowboy Dressage™ class/clinic and one Versatility class/clinic.

Versatility Class Competitions - Competitions include Barrel Racing, Breakaway/Ranch Roping, Cattle class of any type, Drill Team, Horsemanship (proof of pattern required), Working Equitation, Mounted Shooting, Pole Bending, Reining, Showmanship, and Trail/Obstacle Challenge (mounted or in-hand)

Versatility Clinics -  include Speed Events/Gymkhana, Breakaway/Ranch Roping, Cattle work, Drill Team,  Working Equitation, Mounted Shooting, Reining, Showmanship and Trail/Obstacle Challenges (mounted or in-hand)

Riders document proof of entry (signed show bill or scorecard from judge or show chair), tally all points accumulated and submit their Versatility Tally Sheet by Nov 1 each year. Points earned Nov 1 – Dec 31 carryover to the next year with consecutive WCD membership.

WCD VA Entry Form

WCD VA Rules

WCD VA Tally Sheet