Cowboy Dressage™

The WCD is proud to be promoting Cowboy Dressage™.

Cowboy Dressage™  The Court of the West
Mission and Vision Statement

Soft Feel (or Fresh Rein) is the guiding principle of Cowboy Dressage™.  It is a wordless, intimate and for some a spiritual communication within the partnership between horse and rider. Soft feel is not only sending messages but having the sensitivity and awareness to feel and receive the message the horse sends back.

The timing and use of the Release, Relaxation, Preparation and Execution are the basic fundamentals of Soft Feel.

Since Soft Feel is the mission of Cowboy Dressage™ it will be scored with emphases on lightness, harmony, finesse and partnership as a priority. Balance, cadence, carriage, control, and performance are additional areas the horse and rider will be judged and scored. ©

The Cowboy Dressage Court: Please Note the inclusion of N,J, Y and Q and that  X has been replaced with 8.

Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court

Cowboy Dressage offers a test for all levels and all breeds.

From Arabians to Zebras, if you have an equine partner and wish to test your horsemanship and soft feel, Cowboy Dressage has a test for you.

 Cowboy Dressage offers a test for all levels and all breeds.    Here are a few examples:

Walk/Jog Test #1           Walk/Jog/Lope Test #1

    Youth/Amateur Partnership on the Ground  

Youth/Amateur Partnership Under Saddle

Challenge Walk/Jog Test #1     Challenge Walk/Jog/Lope Test #1

Please follow the links for complete rules and printable Tests and Call sheets.

Cowboy Dressage Rules

   Cowboy Dressage Tests


To Learn more about Cowboy Dressage™ and its Founder, Eitan Beth-Halachmy please visit his website –

Cowboy Dressage™ is not a club or association. There are no dues or membership. All copy, tests and courts are owned and trademarked ( ™ ) by Debbie and Eitan Beth-Halachmy. Permission to ride and use tests are granted to the public. To duplicate in any form of media, in any manner for financial profit is strictly prohibited. Anyone wanting to place information, tests, rules or court design on other websites or printed material must first ask permission by email