About Wisconsin Cowboy Dressage

Wisconsin Cowboy Dressage is focused on Three things:

1. Rewarding Try

2. Developing Soft Feel

3. Building Camaraderie

Some of us are just getting back into riding, some of us love to compete, some of us want to spend most of our time on the trails and for some, riding is a brand new thing.  The one common thread that ties us together is our desire to improve our horsemanship.

The WCD is group dedicated to creating a welcoming, supportive atmosphere for riders wishing to work with their equine friends in harmony while building a partnership able to last a lifetime.  What ties us together is our love for the horse.  Wisconsin Cowboy Dressage™ Gatherings are about riders learning to develop and showcasing their Soft Feel  while supporting one another. Our venue of choice is the Cowboy Dressage Court.

The WCD was started in January 2012 and has seen tremendous growth and interest.  WCD hosts Gatherings throughout the year with events ranging from, trail outings, clinics, cattle work and shows to offer our members an opportunity to learn and socialize.  We are overwhelmed at the wonderful welcome of this new discipline and welcome you to the journey.

If you want to be rewarded for Try, are looking to develop Soft Feel and want to spend time with a great group, than this is the club for you. We invite you to become apart of our family and offer you support in your Cowboy Dressage™ Journey.

 Warm Welcomes,     The WCD Team

2016 WCD Presidents Report

2015 WCD Presidents Report

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2013 WWDC Presidents Report

WCD Mission Statements:

~To hold Competitive and Educational events that promote the safety of both horse and rider, horsemanship, sportsmanship, and equine wellness.

~To introduce riders to training that emphasizes Soft Feel and Partnership to strengthen our western horses.

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